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High quality customized Tactic Boards, unique medal holders and accessories coaches and players need to get on winning level in one place!

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  • Size (40x25cm)
  • You can choose between two materials:
     new modern material forex or plexiglas
  • Team name & Logo
  • Website
  • Color picker
  • Costum medal holders
  • We design for you
  • You can choose between two materials
    high-quality cherry wood or plexiglas



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  • Equipment for training
  • Equipment for gym
  • Coach gadgets
  • Referee gadgets
  • Etc.

Tactic Boards

Games and battles are won behind the curtains with hard work, practice and tactic! We provide unique Tactic Boards for winning rooster that you definitely are going to be part of. With implementing Your knowledge and tactics on a personalized Tactic Board of Your sports team, bring Your team to victory. Customize logo, colors, text, box area by clicking on the button below.

Medal holders

Hard work always pays off. Don’t let your winnings and accomplishments sit in the box or locker. Amazing designs of unique Medal Holders that will help You expose the pure sight of a winner You are, starting from Your room, office and gallery room. Customize You Medal Holder, customize it and order now on the link down below.


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